Still goin’ strong…

Published January 29, 2016

As 2016 as gotten under way, I have found myself a bit under the weather.

Well, the past two weeks have been a bit of a struggle, as I have suddenly come down with the flu, in addition to a bit of a stomach bug at the same time. It’s kind of been gross around here! But I have worked a bit and have a load cooling in the kiln, in which there are 62 wine cups and every one of them is spoken for by customers’ who have been waiting since December, so it will be a pleasure to get them in the mail! In addition to this though, I am excited about a couple of phone calls I received this week. Honored, really, as both of them will take me to new and exciting places.

The first phone call was from the Botanical Gardens in Huntsville, Alabama. Apparently they are having a show in April, and the organizer of the show saw my work at the Madison Street Festival in October, 2015. She liked my work and invited me to come to their show. As I adore going to that area, I am excited to add a Spring show. Unfortunately it is the same weekend as Bear on the Square here in Dahlonega, and I had to make a choice. As my parents are in Huntsville and it’s my turn to visit them, I have chosen the Huntsville show.

The second phone call was from my nephew, Jim, down in Biloxi, MS. As we are in the very early stages of our conversation, I’m going to keep quiet about what we’re scheming about. But in the conversations we both have had, it looks like I may be going to Biloxi soon, and not just to gamble in the casinos!! More later on this, I hope!

In addition to all of this, my friend Rosie Brown down in Miami, brightened my day with adding a bit about me in her blog today.¬†¬†Thank you Rosie! You are so sweet! Thank you for sending some warm vibes our way, as it is going to be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow, and I’m feeling well enough to walk my first 5K! (I know – it would be much more impressive to run it, but hey – I HAVE had the flu!)

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  1. Mira Barks says:

    I purchased one of your wine glasses at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens. I love it, usually I get a headache after a partial glass of wine, not now. Are you going to be at any craft/art shows in my area this year? Would love to buy more from you in person.

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